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Inner City is an American electronic music group that formed in Detroit, Michigan, in 1987.

The group is composed of the record producer and composer Kevin Saunderson and the Chicago, Illinois vocalist Paris Grey.

Saunderson is renowned as one of the Belleville Three—along with Juan Atkins and Derrick May—high school friends who later originated the Detroit techno sound.

In December 2016, Billboard magazine ranked them as the 98th most successful dance artists of all-time.

Inner City topped the US Billboarddance chart five times, and had nine top 40 hits on the UK Singles Chart.

The group is best known for its early dancefloor-pop music crossover tracks “Big Fun” (UK #8,US Dance #1) and “Good Life” (UK #4,US Dance #1).

Other hits include “Do You Love What You Feel” (UK #16,US Dance #1) and “Whatcha…

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