LEXER feat. Fran – Eagle Eye

dv 'n' mb *

Lexer is a young man from the eastern part of Germany.

It`s very tough to present his music in his home area.

It´s a new style of deep and melancholic pop music and everyone is touched by his special way to produce and play this music.

He is from a new generation of DJ´s who grow up with soundcloud, facebook and youtube.

Alex aka Lexer is moving very fast and so it´s right to say: he is heading for a great future.


Lexer is very much one of the young breed, inhis early twenties, …

… he has not spent the past decade languishing in the house and techno academies having to listen to the nebulous dictates of good taste. 

His party started relatively recently and he soon realized that it would be a waste to box oneself into a corner.

Four to the floor? Absolutely. Vocals? Why…

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