GEORGE MOREL & Rowee – La Terra

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George Morel is an accomplished and evolutionary DJ/Producer, and is considered a pioneer in the dance music world.

Infused with electronic and echoes of self expression, his music is in constant progression. For Morel, versatility has become a tradition.

Never tied to just one sound, he has a deep appreciation for music that fills the room and moves the soul.

Morel’s journey began as a young thirteen year old curious about electronic music and sounds, who began by experimenting with vinyl and turntables.

By his late teens he fine-tuned his skills while playing regularly at parties in his New York neighborhood.

Little did he know that all of this would lead up to hit singles and worldwide recognition.

By the early 90’s Morel landed his first production session, …

… working with David Cole of C&C Music Factory on a track entitled “Our Love (It’s Over)” featuring vocalist Dee…

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