A N O T R – The Issue … Boogieman

dv 'n' mb *

Even by the standards of the Netherlands’ rich and plentiful dance music production line, the rapid rise of ANOTR is a story that could run and run.

Still in their early twenties, Amsterdam duo Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney …

… are all about “energetic, hard hitting, straight to the point techykind-of house”

– just the sort of advertisement that the Amsterdam Dance Event and Ibiza’s Amnesia have lapped up, and sure to trigger a busy global schedule.

After a spell as studio sparring partners ANOTR initially began making ripples across Europe by chiselling out deep grooves with an ear for a sample.

Playing the waiting game in anticipation of their breakthrough moment, it was when they announced themselves to Armada Music, who in turn put them …

… onto no less an imprint that the Defected offshoot DFTD, that the two from the Low Countries suddenly saw…

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