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Martin Jensen (born 29 September 1991) is a Danish DJ and record producer best known for the 2016 single “Solo Dance“.

His videos feature sounds sampled from viral videos and made into tropical house mixes.

He has over 10 years of experience of being club DJ, in Sunny Beach.

In October 2016, he was ranked 82 out of the 100 best DJs in the world by DJ Magazine.

Martin was born in Silkeborg, Denmark in 1991, he is trained as a contractor and machine mechanic.

He worked as a seller at the machine trader; Sorring Maskinhandel, which was founded by his father, Jørgen Jensen, in 1990.

He started DJing at already an early age, but became widely known in 2014.

His first single is called ““, which is a remix of a Cristiano Ronaldo celebration at the 2014 FIFA Ballon d’Or, …


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