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Cédric Steinmyller (born 30 November 1991), best known by his stage name Klingande, …

… is a French DJ and tropical house producer with a prominent use of the piano and the saxophone.

Klingande was originally a duo, until 2015, consisting of Steinmyller and fellow Frenchman Edgar Catry (born 1991).

The name Klingande is pronounced “Kling-an-de”, which is Swedish for “chiming”.

The stage name, as well as some of his songs, are in Swedish because of Steinmyller’s admiration of the language.

According to him, it sounds like it’s being sung when it’s just being spoken.

With this in mind, the name was founded after a search in a Swedish dictionary.

Klingande is the present participle of the Swedish verb (att) klinga, which means ‘(to) chime’ or ‘(to) sound’.

The artist name thus means ‘chiming’ or ‘sounding’.

Klingande is also inspired by Steinmyller’s admiration for Swedish artists such…

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