LO MOON – This Is It

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Lo Moon is an American indie rock band from Los Angeles that is currently signed to Columbia Records.

The band released its first single, “Loveless”, in September 2016. Its self-titled debut studio album was released on February 23, 2018.

Prior to the band’s formation, its eventual lead singer, Matt Lowell, began writing songs in New York City with the intention of forming a band.

He later moved to Los Angeles where he met bassist and keyboardist, Crisanta Baker.

He played her a demo for the song, “Loveless”, and, soon after, she became the second member of the band.

Guitarist, Samuel Stewart (son of the famous musician Dave Stewart, of Eurythmics fame), joined shortly after.

The band soon began practicing in Lowell’s backyard shed.

The “Loveless” demo, which Lowell had begun writing in 2012, attracted the attention of Columbia Records and spurred the label to sign Lo Moon.


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