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Jeanne Galice, better known by her stage name Jain ( /n/), is a French musician and singer-songwriter.

Her debut album, Zanaka, was released in November 2015.

Jain was born on 7 February 1992 in Toulouse, France.

She travelled the world to follow the professional requirements of her father:

She left France at age 9 for Dubai, where she spent three years;

…then lived for four years in Congo-Brazzaville, which she credits for her taste for danceable melodies;

… and then spent a year in Abu Dhabi, before moving to Paris where she started a pre-art-school foundation course.

These trips influenced her musical style.

She also learned how to play drums in Pau, Arabic percussion in the Middle East, and musical programming in Congo.

Jain began composing demo tracks in Pointe-NoireCongo-Brazzaville.

There she met Mr…

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