MALFA – So Long

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“So Long” is the first single from a special software created by the programmers of music label MALFA, which is considered the breakthrough of Russian and international music industry.

MALFA is a virtual project, a nonexistent person that doesn’t want to be like usual artists. It’s a system is guided by the transformation of voice and it’s a synthesis of all intonations and percussions that give life to the particular voice.

Technically sounds are recorded on audio tracks, which are converted into the voice of the electronic character. After that, the music score is added to the program and the performance conditions are set. The original version of the voice basis belongs to Maxim Fadeev, among the main russian producers, singer-songwriters and composers who started working with professional musicians in 1989 and managed projects like Serebro, Yulia Savicheva, Glukoza and more. The gender and personal features of the character…

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